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Tip: To avoid busy signals and other connection problems due to high demand with our global carrier partners, use VoIP softphone or dial-out instead of dialing in directly to a meeting or audio conference. Web meetings: when you join, select Use my computer or Use my phone. Audio conferences: guests, open the meeting invitation and click Connect Me. Audio hosts: Learn how to host conferences from your computer »



GlobalMeet Mobile Apps Quick Ref

With the mobile apps, you can host or attend meetings from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch device, or Android smartphone. Jump into a meeting room quickly, and re-join meetings you recently attended. If you have an account, you can launch your own meeting and search your company directory for meetings to join.

Note: If you uploaded a profile picture in the desktop app, meeting participants will see your picture in mobile meetings and the mobile apps. See Add a profile picture to the desktop app for instructions.

Start your meeting (hosts)

On the Home tab, tap Join on an upcoming meeting hosted by you. Or, on the Meetings tab, tap your meeting room link.

Start        Start        iOS-Home-Outlook.png        iOS-Meetings-Outlook.png

The app signs you in to the meeting and asks how you want to connect your audio.

Join a meeting

  1. On the Home or Meetings tab, tap the meeting link or Join to quickly join a meeting from your Outlook calendar or tap the search icon in the upper right. From the Meetings tab, Android users can also tap the More (⋮) icon, and then tap Join my meeting room.

    Android Home Tab          iOS Meetings Tab          Android Options

  2. To search for a meeting to join:
    • Tap a recently joined meeting to join it again.
    • Enter the URL of the meeting to join or the name of the meeting host to search your company directory, and then tap a meeting in the results.

      iOS Join Recent          iOS Search by URL          iOS Search by Name

The host's room opens and you are automatically signed in as a guest.

The next step is to choose how you want to talk in the meeting by connecting your audio.

Connect your audio

You can use your data or Wi-Fi connection for HD meeting audio, have the meeting call your phone, or dial in to the meeting. 


  • Connect now with VoIP to talk and listen through a connected headset (recommended) or your device's mic and speakers.
  • Dial in with my phone to choose a dial-in number. The app calls in to the meeting and enters the passcode. No need to memorize an access number or passcode.
  • Call my phone to have the meeting room call you at a phone number you enter. The app remembers phone numbers you enter, so you don't have to enter them again.


Welcome to the meeting

Tap Guests to show everyone in the meeting, including any roles assigned to a participant. If you are the host, tap a guest's name to mute their mic, promote them to the Presenter role, or dismiss them from your meeting. Tap Meeting to see who is currently speaking, who spoke last in the meeting, or to view shared content. Tap Chat to join the current conversation. Tap Exit to leave the meeting or just manually close your app (iOS).

Note: You always enter the room on the Guests tab.


Your own controls

At the bottom of the screen are controls for managing your mic and speakers, leave the meeting and access additional meeting options.

View shared content

If someone is sharing content within the meeting, you can follow along on your smartphone, on our mobile apps. You can view shared screens, application windows, files, and videos.

To hear the video on your smartphone, you must be a meeting room participant (not audio-only) and connected to audio using VoIP. If you had the meeting call you or dialed in to the meeting you will not hear anything, even if you can see the video.

  • Tap the resize icon to view full-screen, or rotate your device for a larger, landscape display.
  • Tap the middle of the screen to hide and show the audio controls. If viewing a video, tapping hides and shows the player controls as well.
  • Pinch to zoom in and out on the shared screen.

    Note: You cannot zoom in or out on videos.

Chat with others

The Chat feature lets everyone exchange messages without interrupting the meeting. Tap Chat to join the conversation. Type your message and then tap Send to post your text message to the room.

Update your name

In the mobile app, click your avatar in the top left corner to access your settings. You can view your client ID and update your first and last name. This information identifies you in the meeting room and displays when someone views your profile during a meeting. To edit your name, tap Display name in meetings and make your changes. Tap Update to save.

Settings-Options.png                    Settings-DisplayName.png

Clean up your notifications

On the Home tab, tap the more () icon or More to dismiss a card from the screen. This clears the notification from your the Home tab for your desktop and mobile apps.

Android-Home_cropped.png    iOS-Home_cropped.png    iOS-Home-Dismiss.png


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