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The desktop apps now let you dial out and take calls on your computer (Phone service) and search your company directory (Collaboration and Phone). Get the apps »


Get the GlobalMeet mobile apps

Download and install GlobalMeet mobile

Host or attend any meeting from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone. Anyone can use the mobile apps. You do not have to be a GlobalMeet account holder to use GlobalMeet mobile.

GlobalMeet is available in the Google Play™ Store and the App Store. Just search for GlobalMeet and install. Or download the apps from our Download Center.

Once the application has been installed, tap the GlobalMeet icon to get started.


Sign in to your account (hosts)

If you have a GlobalMeet account, enter the email address associated with your account, and then tap Continue. GlobalMeet checks whether you have an account, and if you do, it prompts for your password. Enter your password and tap Continue.

If you have more than one GlobalMeet account, you might need to enter the Client ID for the account you want to access. Your Client ID is in your welcome email. If you're not sure which Client ID to use, contact Support.

The app signs you in to your GlobalMeet account and displays the host home screen. You can start your own meeting or join another person's meeting.

Sign in to the app (guests)

If you do not have a GlobalMeet account, enter your email address, and then tap Continue. GlobalMeet asks for your name. Enter your name and then tap Continue.

The app displays the welcome screen. If you have a meeting to attend, enter the URL now. If not, tap Skip to go to the guest home screen.


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