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Change your web meeting settings

As of March 2019, you can no longer add new meeting rooms to your GlobalMeet account.

Web meeting room settings control the meeting experience for you and your guests. You can update your meeting room settings at any time. If you update your settings while hosting a meeting, your new settings will not take effect until your next meeting.

To access your meeting room settings:

  1. Access your Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Meeting Room tab.
  3. If you have more than one web meeting, select the meeting you want to update.

    The options available vary, depending on your version of GlobalMeet. The top image shows settings for GlobalMeet 4; the bottom image shows GlobalMeet 5.


The following table describes the web meeting room options.

Option Available In Description
Audio Account GlobalMeet 4, GlobalMeet 5 Switch the audio conference used with your web meeting.
Delegate Access Settings GlobalMeet 4 Grant additional permissions in your meeting room. Every time a delegated user joins your meeting, they will automatically have the permissions you granted. Search for a user in your company directory and then click the gear icon to grant the user Host or Presenter permissions.
Waiting Room GlobalMeet 4 Places your guests in a waiting area until you join your meeting. You can admit each guest individually, or have GlobalMeet admit all waiting guests when you join.
Guest Privacy Mode GlobalMeet 4 Hides the names of guests and other identifying information from meeting participants. This feature is useful for larger public events or for meetings where you may not want guests from other organizations to be able to identify one another.
Enable Guest Chat GlobalMeet 4 Controls whether your guests can chat within the meeting. Set this option to OFF to restrict chat to host and presenters. Hosts and presenters can still start private chats with guests.
Room System Info GlobalMeet 5

Allows guests to participate in a GlobalMeet meeting from their video conferencing room systems and displays the room system connection details.

Note: VRC is an optional paid feature.

Assign Co-Host GlobalMeet 5

Grant or remove additional host permissions in your meeting room. Every time a co-host joins your meeting, they will automatically have the same permissions as you. Search for a user by entering the name or email address of the person to add and then click the plus icon to add them as a co-host. Simply click Remove next to their name to revoke the permissions.

Note: You can add a maximum of 5 co-hosts for your room.

HD audio GlobalMeet 4, GlobalMeet 5 Shows whether the audio conference associated with the web meeting has HD Audio. This feature does not allow you to enable or disable HD audio for a meeting. To switch to HD Audio, change the audio conference in the Audio Account field to an audio conference with HD Audio.
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