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Dial in to the conference

When you're invited to a conference, you receive an email from the organizer with phone and web details for attending. Depending on the conference, the email will include:

  • Phone numbers - use these to dial in to the conference
  • A passcode - when prompted, enter the passcode to enter the conference 
  • A registration link - visit this website first and complete the registration form to receive the dial-in details
  • A Click to Join link - enter your phone number to have the conference call you

Dial in to the conference with the phone numbers provided in the email or the registration confirmation. (For Click to Join, see Have the conference call you.)

When you dial in to the conference number, your call is answered by an operator or an automated system.

  • The operator asks you for the name of the conference, the name of the moderator, or the company holding the conference.
  • The automated system asks for the conference passcode. 

After verification, you are connected to the conference with your line muted. If the conference has not started yet, you will hear hold music.

Conference security and the information requested by the organizer varies. You may be asked to provide your name, a PIN, or up to six pieces of additional information. If the conference requires attendee verification, the operator checks that your name is on the provided attendee list before placing you in the conference. If you are not on the list, you will be placed into a separate holding conference where the organizer can verify whether you can be allowed in the main conference.

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