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Poll conference attendees

Polls can be one or more questions. To poll attendees in your conference, submit a list of questions and answers ahead of time. Then, during your conference, the operator prompts the attendees to answer questions using their phone keypad. 

For example, if you're planning a series of training events, you could create a poll and have the operator ask: "What is the best time to schedule training classes? For morning, press *1. For lunchtime, press *2. For afternoon, press *3. For evenings or weekends, press *4."

The operator monitors the responses and leaves the poll question open until a response is received (usually a minute or two). The operator will reread the question or re-prompt attendees to enter a response, as needed.

If you added Conference Controls to your conference, you can view poll tallies in real time.

Note: Your conference can include both polling and Q&A sessions. However, they cannot be conducted simultaneously.

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