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Tips for conducting your conference

For a successful conference, follow these tips.

Get ready and then join

  • Move to a quiet area and close the door.
  • Use a landline connection instead of a mobile device to connect to your conference. For the best sound quality, avoid speakerphone and instead use a headset.
  • Silence those noisy digital devices: set your smartphone to silent, turn off the ringer on additional phone lines, and disable audible alerts on your tablet.
  • Join your conference 15 minutes prior to start time (or when the pre-conference period begins) to make final preparations with the operator and your other speakers, confirm the script, and conduct an audio check for each line with a speaking role.

    Attendees can join the conference 15 minutes before the start time, but are placed on hold unless you request otherwise.

During the conference

  • When it is time to start, the operator will greet the audience using your opening script and start the event by handing it off to the first speaker.
  • Provide appropriate transitions when handing off to other speakers.
  • If working from a slide deck or web event, give verbal cues during your presentation so that attendees who are not logged into the web event can follow along. For example, when moving to a new slide, read its title or slide number or give a brief description.
  • Remain on the line after your conference completes for your included post-conference consultation.
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