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Book a pre-recording conference

A pre-recording conference can be booked to record content that will be played in a live conference scheduled for a later date. The pre-recording conference must be booked as a separate conference at least 24 hours before to the live conference.

Before you begin

  • When deciding how long the recording conference should be, give yourself extra time. Additional charges will be incurred for conferences that run longer than scheduled.
  • Book at least a 15-minute pre-conference for your recording conference.
  • Everyone attending the pre-recording conference is considered a speaker.
  • Q&A and opening script are not required for pre-recording conferences. If you would like the live conference to have an opening script and Q&A, select these options when booking the live conference.
  • Other options are not available for pre-recording conferences.

Book the conference

To book a pre-recording conference:

  1. Sign in to the Events Portal.
  2. On the home page, under Book an Event, click Start Now. This opens the booking request form.
  3. On the Company page, enter your contact details, the moderator's information, and additional people who should receive a confirmation email.

    Booking PreRecord-Company.png

  4. On the Conference page, enter the title, language, and time zone of the conference. Under Audio Event Type, select Passcode Entry. Under Web Event Type, select None. Select the date, time, and duration of your pre-recording conference, and then click Next.


  5. On the Audio Event Details page, ignore the phone numbers on the left (they're for participant lines in a live conference). Under Choose Additional by Country, select a country and enter the number of people you expect to join from that country. Select the Speaker box.
  6. In the Speaker/Participant List section, enter the contact details of every person participating. Next to each person, select the Speaker box. Click + Add to add more speakers.


  7. In the Enhanced Services section, select Pre-Conference and Pre-Record.
    • Select a 15-minute pre-conference to perform sound checks, confirm details with the operator, and ensure all the speakers are connected.
    • Select the turnaround time for editing: Standard (3-5 days), Rush (24-48 hours), or Immediate (less than 24 business hours, but not less than six (6) business hours).  Editing and delivery rates vary based on the requested turnaround time. Immediate requests are subject to approval.
    • The Purpose box defaults to Playback.
    • To review the edited recording file before playing it into your live conference, select the approve editing box, enter your email, and then click Next.


  8. On the Submit page, add additional instructions as needed. If you need more information about pre-recording features, select Please click here... and someone will call you.


  9. Click Submit to book the pre-recording conference.
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