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Obtain your recording

If you added a recording when booking your conference, your conference will be recorded and made available to you based on the method(s) you specify when booking.

You can obtain your recording by downloading it from the Events Portal or ordering one or more CD copies to be mailed. You can also have your recording or webstream uploaded so your attendees can listen to it at a later date.

Recordings and webstreams will be available for as long as you specify when booking.

If you requested a downloadable file, you will be sent an email with a link to download your recording within 72 hours after your conference concludes. If you need your recording sooner than 72 hours, you can request rush delivery for downloadable files while booking.

To download your recording from the Events Portal:

  1. Sign in to the Events Portal.
  2. On the home page, under Completed Events, click View Now.
  3. Click the conference ID and then click Downloads. Click the file name to download the recording in the file format you requested.


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