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Use the Conference Controls

If you selected Conference Controls when booking your conference, you can sign in and use a web interface to manage your conference.

At the top right of the Conference Controls, the Sessions section provides general information about the conference, such as the Conference Name and number of attendees. This information is always visible. Use the tabs to display the conference attendees, the question queue, or polling results in the bottom half of the screen.

View attendees

Click the Control tab to view the Conference Participants section. It lists the names and companies of everyone who has joined the conference and their current connection status (disconnected, muted, on hold, open), and shows who is speaking in real time. You can choose between the standard list, showing the name and affiliation of the attendees, or click Print to view an expanded list showing any additional information captured by the operator.


Manage questions

Once the operator opens the Question & Answer session of the conference, click the Q&A tab. The bottom section updates to show the Question Queue. You will see a list of all attendees (names and company names), who signaled with a question. When an attendee’s line is opened for them to ask a question, their name moves into the Current Questioner box at the top of the Question Queue. You can also manually move attendees up and down in the queue, prioritizing them.


View polling results

When the operator begins the voting portion of the conference call, click the Polling tab. The bottom section of the screen updates to show the polling results, where you can view the process and results in real-time. As attendees indicate their responses using their telephone keypad, you will see a graphical display of the percent of attendees who signaled with each available answer. You will also see how many attendees have voted relative to how many total attendees are present.


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