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About Click to Join

Additional fees for: the number of pieces of information to be collected (in addition to name).

Click to Join is the easiest way for participants to join a conference. With Click to Join, there’s no need to dial in. Instead, participants the browser URL you provide, enter their name and phone number, and our system dials out and instantly connects them.

Important: Click to Join is supported on current versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported.

The Click to Join details can be found in the Participant Access Information section of your confirmation email. Provide participants with the Click to Join URL and the accompanying Confirmation Code or Participant Passcode.

Note: As a best practice, provide participants with the dial-in numbers in case they cannot use Click to Join.

The Click to Join link becomes active 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Participants click the link, enter the required fields of information, and click Call Me. Our system dials out to the participant at the number provided, instantly connecting them to the conference with no hold time.

Booking information

This option can be booked online using the Events Portal. You can't add it after you submit your request.

On the Conference page select the Audio Event Type. Click to Join is available for both Passcode Entry and Greeted Entry conferences.

Then, on the Audio Event Details page under Enhanced Services, select Click to Join. Select Participant List and select up to 6 pieces of generic information to capture from participants. Click to join does not support custom fields.

Optional. You can add Passcode Validation on Passcode Entry conferences. Passcode validation requires all participants to provide a passcode before the conference connects them.


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