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Communications line

Add-on. Charges include: an additional fee per communication line.

A communications line is an additional, dedicated voice line between the operator and conference speakers. The communications line is used to coordinate the conference behind the scenes and is useful for coordinating meeting logistics. For example, communications lines may be used to get approval for attendees to join on greeted entry conferences or to prioritize questions for question and answer sessions.

The communications line is opened during your pre-conference and stays open during the entire conference.

Booking information

This option can be booked online using the Events Portal. You can also update an existing reservation and add it later.

You must select Pre-Conference if you would like the communications line to dial in before the conference start time to set up or review details with the operator.

On the Audio Event Details page under Enhanced Services, select Communications Line and then enter:

  • A contact name for the line and their location. This can be you or one of your speakers.
  • How the communications line will be used; options include event coordination, troubleshooting, emergency only, and Conference Controls.

You can only add one communications line using the Events Portal. To add additional lines, have an agent contact you. 

On the Submit page, enter your request in Special Instuctions. Then, select Please click here... and someone will call you.

Note: After you submit your request, you can't update your reservation in the Events Portal to request a call. Contact Support for assistance.

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