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Pre-recorded conference

Add-on. Charges include: setup and recording. Additional fees for: editing, rush delivery, changing/rescheduling/cancelling pre-recording appointment.

For a more polished event, you can pre-record your conference (or part of it) to be played back during your live event.  You must book a separate pre-recording session at least 24 hours prior to the date of the live conference.

During the recording session, speakers work with an operator to create the recording, which is then edited. The recorded conference is then played into the conference during the scheduled live conference time. The speakers join the live conference to answer questions after the recording is played.

Delivery time and format

If you request to review your pre-recording, an audio file will be sent to you via email. 

Editing turnaround availability is as follows:

  • Standard edit (3-5 business days)
  • Rush edit (24-48 hours)
  • Immediate edit (less than 24 business hours, but not less than six (6) business hours)

Rush fees for pre-recorded conferences apply based on the date the audio recording needs to be available for customer review, not the date of the conference. For example, if your conference is fifteen days away but you need to review the recording file the next day, you will be charged a rush fee.

Immediate requests are subject to approval.

Booking information

The pre-recording session must be booked as a separate passcode entry conference at least 24 hours before the scheduled live conference. This option can be booked online using the Events Portal. You can't add it after you submit your request.

On the Audio Event Details page under Enhanced Services, select:

  • Pre-Conference to schedule time to perform sound checks, confirm details with the operator, and ensure all the speakers are connected.
  • Pre-Record and then select the turnaround time for editing and whether you would like to review the final recording.

Other enhanced services options are not available for pre-recording sessions.


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