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About reports

A variety of reports can be available depending on additional services booked for your conference. All reports can be downloaded in the Events Portal under Completed Conferences. 

Participant list report

The Participant list report shows the information you requested from participants when they joined the conference. You can ask for participant name, company, employee ID, PIN, custom information, and more. If you request polling, you can also include the poll results in your report. 

RSVP/Web registration report

The RSVP/Web registration report shows the information you requested from participants by having them register online in advance. You can ask for participant name, company, employee ID, PIN, custom information, and more.

Polling reports

If you request polling in your conference, you can choose to see detailed results or keep participant answers anonymous. 

Two types of polling reports are available:

  • Poll results detailed report - The detailed report is merged with the participant list report and allows you to see each participant's answer to each polling question. 
  • Poll results summary report - The summary report is a separate report which shows a summary of all the answers to each question, while keeping participants anonymous. 

Call-in audio replay reports

If you request a call-in audio replay, you can receive details about the participants who dialed in for the replay.

Two types of replay reports are available:

  • Call-in audio replay utilization report - This report shows the phone number the participant dialed from, the time the participant connected, and the time they disconnected.
  • Call-in audio replay web registration report - If you requested replay web registration, you can receive a report with up to 3 pieces of information you requested from your participants. You can ask for participant name, company, employee ID, and more.


If you request transcription, a written version of your conference is provided.  You can also request to have the transcription translated.

Two types of transcriptions are available:

  • Transcription  - Transcriptions are written in the original meeting language.
  • Translated transcription - Transcriptions can be translated into over 10 languages, including French, Spanish, and German. 
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