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Call-in audio replay utilization report

Add-on. Charges include: per report (one per conference). 

The call-in audio replay utilization report is an anonymous summary of all the participants who called in for the audio replay. This report includes the phone number the participant dialed from, the time the participant connected, and the time they disconnected.

Delivery time and format

The call-in audio replay utilization report is available as an Excel file. Sign in to the Events Portal to download it.

You can choose to receive the report daily, weekly, monthly, or when the call-in program ends.

Booking information

This feature is not included on the booking form. On the Submit page, request the feature in Special Instructions. Then, select Please click here if you would like someone to reach out to you to explain these special features in more detail and someone will call you.

Note: After you submit your request, you can't update your reservation in the Events Portal to request a call. Contact Support for assistance.

Example report

CallInAudioReplayReport - Example.png

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