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Welcome to Managed Events

Welcome to GlobalMeet® Virtual Events, the gold standard in operator-assisted conference calls. Your clients, investors, and board members expect a hassle-free event experience, so let our professionals take care of your important events to avoid the delays, disconnects, and other persistent problems of typical events.

Operator Assisted conference features

  • Host secure audio events for up to 15,000 attendees.
  • Use local, toll-free, and international numbers.
  • Have operators greet your attendees or have them dial in and enter a passcode.
  • Make joining your conference easier with Click to Join.
  • Have your attendees participate in polls and Q&A sessions.
  • Record your conference and download it, dial in to listen to a replay, or both.
  • Receive participant list reports, replay reports, polling reports, and conference transcripts.

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Managed Webcast features

  • Broadcast your event live or record the event in advance and broadcast it on-demand or at a scheduled date and time.
  • Automatically send viewers registration confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails.
  • Present slides, share your screen, and share surveys during the event.
  • Allow viewers to receive custom certificates after completing surveys or attending the event.
  • Allow viewers to download supplemental files from the event window.
  • Provide Live or On-Demand captioning for viewers.
  • Receive MP4 recordings, event transcripts, and generate custom event reports.

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