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Feature summary | Flat Rate Operator Assisted

With flat rate pricing, you know when booking how much your event will cost. Flat rate conferences include:

  • Up to 60 minutes of operator-assisted conferencing per event
  • Participant entry by dial-out (Click To Join) or dial-in (Passcode Entry)
  • Event capacity tiers from 1 to 15,000 participants.

Pricing is based on how participants join the event (Click To Join or Passcode Entry) and the number of participants you schedule. Click To Join is the less expensive option.

To book a conference, see Book a flat rate Operator Assisted conference call.

Included features (per event)

Included features depend on the type of event you booked. Add-on features can be added to an event by request and incur an additional charge. 

Participant Entry

There are two options for participants to join your event. Both are automated; having a live operator greet participants is not included.

  • Click To Join – attendees click a link, enter their information, and the system calls their phone and places them in the conference.
  • Passcode Entry – attendees dial an access number and are prompted to enter a passcode.

The system captures participant names and up to two other pieces of information you define. The information is available in your participant list report after the event.

Event Setup and Features

Feature Description Click To Join Passcode Entry
Event Capacity

Choose a capacity that fits your audience size. Seven capacity tiers range from 100 participants to thousands. The maximum is 15,000 participants. Learn more »

Conference Language By default, an English-speaking operator is assigned. You can request an operator that speaks one of the following languages: Mandarin Chinese, Canadian French, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish.
Test Call Available upon request. Attend a test run before the live conference. Test calls can include up to 3 lines, a 15-minute pre-conference, 30-minute call length, a Communications line, and Conference Controls.
Access Numbers (link) A link to a page with local and international toll and toll-free dial-in access numbers for the event is included in the body of your confirmation email.
Access Numbers (list) Local and international toll and toll-free dial-in access numbers for the event are listed in the body of your confirmation email.  


Speaker Features and Event Management

Feature Description Click To Join Passcode Entry
Pre-Conference The conference is open to speakers 15 minutes before the start time. The operator joins the pre-conference and confirms speaker names, the order of the speakers will be presenting, and how the event should be introduced.
Post-Conference Consultation Allow moderators and speakers to review the conference with the operator, receive poll or voting results, and perform any additional follow-up coordination between speakers and the operator.
Conference Controls The Conference Controls allows speakers to see in real time who has joined the conference, manage question and answer queues, view polling results, and communicate behind the scenes with the operator and other speakers with the chat feature.
Communications Line An additional, dedicated voice line between the operator and conference speakers to coordinate the conference behind the scenes.


Event Features

Feature Description Click To Join Passcode Entry
Live Support Contact an operator during your conference by pressing *0.
Opening Script Provide a custom opening script and have the operator read it to the audience before handing the conference over to the first speaker.
Question and Answer Have the operator moderate a Q&A session where participants can ask the speakers questions.
Slide Assist

A browser-based interface that lets you share slide decks, speaker headshots, and other visual components with participants, interact with participants (Q&A), and chat with other speakers.

Slide Assist includes an online recording and additional audience detail and event analytics reports.


Post-event Resources

Feature Description Click To Join Passcode Entry
Audio Recording File Receive a recording of your conference as a downloadable MP3 file.

Call-In Audio Replay

Make your conference recording available for 5 days after the event so that participants who were not able to join the live event can dial in and listen to the recording later.
Participant List Report In addition to participant names, collect two additional pieces of information. Available as a report after the conference.
Transcription Have your conference transcribed in English and receive a copy of your transcription.

Translated Transcription Have your transcripts translated into different languages. Translation requires that you also purchase transcription. Available in 40 languages including French, German, Spanish, and others.


Event Capacity

Click To Join and Passcode Entry events have the same capacity tiers:

  • 1-100
  • 101-300
  • 301-500
  • 501-750
  • 751-1,000
  • 1,001-1,500
  • 1,501-15,000
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