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Book a Managed Webcast

With Managed Webcast, we take care of all the details so you can focus on your presentation and make a positive impression on your audience. Use the Events Portal to book your event date and time, estimate the number of viewers that will attend, and select additional features to enhance and personalize your event.

Approximate Reading Time: 10 minutes

Walk through these steps to know what to expect when booking a Managed Webcast and learn more about available features.

  1. Start booking
  2. Tell us about yourself
  3. Schedule your webcast
  4. Tell us about your webcast
  5. Enhance your webcast with add-ons
  6. Submit your booking request

1. Start booking

To begin booking your event, sign in to the Events Portal and under Book an Event, click Start Now. This opens the booking request form.

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2. Tell us about yourself

Before providing your event details, tell us who is booking the event (yourself), who is paying for the event (account holder), and who else needs to receive the event confirmation email (additional contact). This information lets us know who to contact about the reservation.

  • In the Tell Us About Yourself section, enter your name, email address, and phone number.
  • In the Moderator section, enter the name of the account holder and their company. If you need to reference a billing code on the invoice, be sure to include it before continuing.
  • In the Additional Contact section, you can optionally include the name, email, and phone number of another scheduler, moderator, or speaker that needs to receive the event confirmation email. Don't enter attendee details in the additional contact section.

Note: Always include + and the country code when entering a phone number.

Click Next when finished.


The following example shows Charles Han as the scheduler, Jenna Cohen as the account holder, and Chris Phillips as the additional contact.

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3. Schedule your webcast

To reserve your webcast, enter some basic event information and the date and time.

What is the webcast title and language?

  • Enter a descriptive title for your webcast. The title is included in event invitations and emails.
  • Select the language your Event Production Manager will speak during the event. It automatically defaults to your set language.

How will attendees join the webcast?

With webcasts, attendees join the event online and listen with their computer audio. 

  • For Audio Event Type, select None.
  • For Web Event Type, select Webcast.

If you'd like attendees to dial in to the event with their phones to listen and participate in live audio Q&A, book a managed webcast with operator-assisted audio.

When is your webcast?

Enter scheduling information for the event.

  • Select the date, time, and the main time zone (defaults to your set time zone).
  • Enter the webcast duration in minutes.
  • Will this webcast take place on multiple dates? Click Add Additional Date for each additional reservation needed.

Note: Due to differing schedules and availability of our Event Production Managers, it is not possible to assign the same one to each event.

Click Next when finished.


The following example shows a Managed Webcast event. The Annual Benefits Enrollment webcast starts at 10am EST on April 15th, 2021 and lasts 60 minutes.


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4. Tell us about your webcast

To set up the webcast portion of your event, tell us what type of webcast you'd like to broadcast and how you would like to broadcast your event.

Who would you like us to contact about the webcast?

Enter the name, email, and phone number you would like the Event Production Manager to contact and select their region. This helps us assign an Event Production Manager in a nearby region.

What type of webcast do you need?

We offer different event types based on the event experience you want to provide your viewers. Select one of the following options as the Web Event Type:

  • Live - Broadcast from a live telephone audio or video source. The live event is archived after the event ends and viewers can access it anytime. Learn more »
  • Simulated Live - Create a pre-recorded event and broadcast it at a scheduled date and time. You can provide your own pre-recoded content or record the event in advance with an Event Production Manager. Learn more »
  • On-Demand - Create a pre-recorded event that viewers can access anytime. You can provide your own pre-recoded content or record the event in advance with an Event Production Manager. Learn more »

How will you join and broadcast the webcast?

There are two ways presenters can join the webcast and broadcast it to viewers: with telephone audio only or with a video source.

To broadcast telephone audio only, select Telephone as the broadcast type. Up to 20 presenters can broadcast their audio at the same time.

To broadcast audio and video, select Video Streaming as the broadcast type and select one of the following video streaming options:

  • Webcam - Broadcast video from one webcam. Recommended if the event has only one presenter or one webcam source. Learn more »
  • Video Bridge - Have up to 20 presenters broadcast simultaneously from different media sources and locations, including telephone, webcam, video conferencing system, on-site encoder, and meeting apps such as Webex or Zoom. Recommended for multiple presenter video streams. Learn more »
  • Video Conferencing Unit - Broadcast from your own video conferencing system. Recommended for conference rooms. Learn more »
  • On-site Encoder - Broadcast multiple cameras and microphones from your own RTMP-compatible encoder. Recommended for large events held at a venue. Learn more »
  • Global Fiber Network - Broadcast from one camera source through a fiber network. Recommended for large events held at arenas, theaters, or conference centers. Learn more »
  • Satellite - Broadcast from one camera source through a satellite connection. Recommended if you have a satellite connection and the venue is outdoors or in an area with limited connectivity. Learn more »

If you aren't sure which broadcast option is best for your event or if you'd like more details, select Please contact me...

Note: To request an On-site Crew to help set up your equipment or a Camera Package to help record your event, you must select On-site Encoder.

How large would you like the video player to be?

If you select Video Streaming as the broadcast type, you must also select a video player size. By default, the video player displays on the left side of the webcast window, next to slides. The larger the pixel width and height, the more space the video player will take up in the webcast window. Select one of the following player sizes.

Note: If you would like to change the layout of the webcast window during the event (Viewer Layout Switching), select 480p Widescreen Video for more layout options.

  • 480p Widescreen Video (854x480) - High resolution 16:9 widescreen (854 x 480 pixels)
  • Standard Video (320x240) - Low resolution 4:3 standard (320 x 240 pixels)
  • Standard Widescreen Video (320x180) - Low resolution 16:9 widescreen (320 x 180 pixels)
  • Large Video (480x360) - Low resolution 4:3 standard (480 x 360 pixels)
  • Large Widescreen Video (480x270) - Low resolution 16:9 widescreen (480 x 270 pixels)
  • XL Video (640x480) - Low resolution 4:3 standard (640 x 480 pixels)
  • XL Widescreen Video (640x360) - Low resolution 16:9 widescreen (640 x 360 pixels)

How many viewers do you expect?

  • Select the number of viewers you expect to attend your event.
  • Select the date you need the event link to send to viewers.

Click Next when finished.


The following example shows a Live webcast event that will be broadcast with a webcam.


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5. Enhance your webcast with add-ons

To enhance your webcast experience, select the additional features and services you want to add to your event. These services vary by customer and may require additional fees and charges.

Keep your viewers informed about your event by sending them emails. Select which emails you would like to send:

  • Registration Confirmation Email - Automatically send a confirmation email to viewers after they register for the event. Details and costs »
  • Event Reminder Email - Automatically send an event reminder email to registered viewers. Details and costs »
  • Follow-up Email - Automatically send viewers a follow-up email after the event ends. Details and costs »

What would you like to include in your presentation?

Select what you would like to present and share with your viewers:

How would you like viewers to participate?

Keep your viewers engaged during your event. Select:

  • Audience Questions - Allow viewers to submit questions. Details and costs »
  • In-event Survey - Have viewers complete short surveys during the event. Details and costs »
  • Post-event Survey - Have viewers complete long surveys when viewers exit the event. Details and costs »
  • Certification Exam - Have viewers receive a certificate after they complete a certification exam, complete one or more surveys, or attend the live event. Details and costs »

Are you hosting a series of webcasts?

Instead of having viewers register for and join webcasts with different links, select Portal to set up a single page where viewers access a series of events. If you already have a Portal ID, enter it. Details and costs »

What post-event materials would you like to receive?

After your webcast ends, your Event Production Manager can provide you with event recordings and reports. To receive post-event content, select: 

  • Web Replay Link - Allow viewers to access the event recording with the same URL as the Live or Simulated Live event. Details and costs »
  • MP4 recording - Receive an MP4 recording of the webcast audio, video, and shared content. Details and costs »
  • Transcription - Receive a transcript of the webcast audio. Details and costs »

Do you need additional assistance with your event?

If you need assistance coordinating your event, select:

  • AV Services - Broadcast Producer - Have a Broadcast Producer assist you with organizing your event - either online or on-site at the venue. Details and costs »

If you are using an on-site encoder to broadcast your webcast and you need assistance with setting up and recording your event, select:

  • AV Services - On-site Technician - Have a tech provide an encoder and come to your venue on the day of the event to connect it to the broadcast. Details and costs »
  • AV Services - Camera Package - Have a camera crew provide cameras and come to the venue to record and broadcast the event. Details and costs »

Note:  You must select On-site Encoder as the Video Streaming Option to request On-site Crew and Camera Package services.

Click Next when finished.


The following example shows a webcast event with the default included features selected.


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6. Submit your booking request

Before you submit your booking request, be sure to let us know any last-minute details.

Will you need additional features or special requests?

Let us know if you need features or services that are not included on the booking form.

  • In the Special Instructions box, include any additional features, scripts, or any special instructions your operator needs to know about prior to the event.
  • To learn more about event features, select Please click here... and someone will reach out to you.

Would you like to send event emails to presenters?

You can send event confirmation and reminder emails to the moderator, scheduler, additional contact, and more. Select:

  • We send out reminder emails... to send event reminder emails 24 hours before the event.
  • The moderator, scheduler, and additional contact who should receive the event confirmation and reminder emails. Enter the email addresses of additional people speaking or presenting during the event.

    Warning: Event confirmation and reminder emails contain dial-in and connection information for speakers and presenters. Do not send these emails to participants.

Once you submit your reservation, we review your booking request. If we have any questions, we'll call you for clarification; otherwise, confirmation emails are sent within 24 hours.

If you submitted a reservation for a webcast event, an Event Production Manager will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the event details and setup.


The following example shows special instructions for an employee-only conference and 15 minutes of Q&A time at the end. Event reminder and confirmation emails will be sent to Jenna Cohen (moderator), Charles Han (scheduler), Chris Phillips (additional contact), Louisa Young, and Aman Ver.


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