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Tips for presenting

For a successful webcast, follow these tips.

Get ready and then join

  • Move to a quiet area and close the door.
  • If you're broadcasting with by phone, use a landline connection instead of a mobile device. For the best sound quality, avoid speakerphone and use a headset with built-in noise-cancelling instead.
  • Silence those noisy digital devices: set your smartphone to silent, turn off the ringer on additional phone lines, and disable audible alerts on your tablet.
  • Join your webcast 30 minutes prior to the start time (or when the pre-conference period begins) to make final preparations with the event production manager and other presenters, conduct audio and video checks for each presenter, and review presenter controls and best practices.

    Attendees can join the webcast 15 minutes before the start time, but they see a screen that says the presentation hasn't started yet and hear hold music until the event begins.

During the webcast

  • When it is time to start, the event production manager starts the event and provides 60 minutes of in-event assistance. While you present, they push slides, manage polls and Q&A, and answer audience technical questions.
  • When you're presenting slides or sharing other content, give verbal cues during your presentation. For example, when moving to a new slide, read its title or slide number or give a brief description.
  • Provide appropriate transitions when handing off to other presenters.
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