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AV services | Camera package

Add on. Additional fees may apply. For more information about fees and charges, see the Managed Webcast feature summary.

If you broadcast your event with an on-site encoder, you can have a camera crew provide cameras and come to the venue to record and broadcast the event. The crew arrives at the venue on the day of the event and sets up, connects, and tests the cameras used to broadcast the event.

Note: The camera crew can only record the event with the cameras they provide. They do not set up or run any other equipment.

It is recommended to set up a tech call before the event to discuss the venue, where the crew should go upon arrival, and whether the crew will require building or parking passes to access the venue.

Booking information 

This option can be booked online using the Events Portal.

You must select On-site Encoder as the Video Streaming Option to select Camera Package.

On the Web Event Details page, in the A/V Field Services section, under A/V Field Services, select Camera Package and enter the venue address.

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After you book the event, an event production manager will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the event details.

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