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AV services | On-site technician

Add on. Additional fees may apply. For more information about fees and charges, see the Managed Webcast feature summary.

If you broadcast your event with an on-site encoder, you can have a technician provide an encoder and assist with the encoder setup. On the day of the event, the technician arrives at the venue and connects the encoder to the broadcast.

Note: The on-site technician can only assist with the encoder setup. They do not set up or run any other equipment.

It is recommended to set up a tech call before the event to discuss the venue, where the technician should go upon arrival and whether they will require a building or parking pass to access the venue.

Booking information

This option can be booked online using the Events Portal.

You must select On-site Encoder as the Video Streaming Option to select On-site Technician.

On the Web Event Details page, under Additional Services, select AV Services - On-site Technician and then enter the venue address.

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After you book the event, an event production manager will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the event details.

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