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Audience Details report

Included with all events (no additional charge).

The Audience Details report is a summary of all attendee information and usage captured before and during the event. When you generate the report, you can include:

  • Registration Data for the information attendees submitted during registration including standard and custom registration questions and Campaign Source Tracking IDs.
  • Q&A Question for attendee questions and the answers submitted by presenters.
  • Survey Data/CE Results for the in-event and post-event survey responses, certification exam results, and the certificate link.
  • Usage for the number of viewing sessions, duration of views, the referrer, and log-in and log-out times for viewing sessions (session breakouts).

You can also filter results by email, attendance, audience actions, and date range.

Delivery time and format

After the event, the event production manager provides a link to the event's Reports page. Sign in to the webcast platform to export it as an XLSX or CSV file, or send it to others by email. 

You can access the Audience Details report at any time and up to a year after the event date.

Note: Webcast event reports are only available in the webcast platform. They are not available in the Events Portal.

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