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Simulated Live events

You are billed per event. Each event includes a 30 minute pre-conference and 1 hour of presentation time. Longer events are billed in 30 minute increments. Additional fees may apply. For more information about fees and charges, see the Managed Webcast feature summary.

Simulated Live events are pre-recorded events that are broadcast at a scheduled date and time like a live event. You can include pre-recorded audio files, videos, slides, and files for your viewers to download during the event or record the event content with an event production manager ahead of time. You can also broadcast an existing On-Demand event as a Simulated Live event. The event production manager assembles all the event materials and files to create the event.

Note: You cannot speak or present live content during a Simulated Live event.

Booking information

This option can be booked online using the Events Portal.

On the Web Event Details page, select Simulated Live as the Web Event Type and select whether you would like to record your presentation with an event production manager or provide pre-recorded content and event materials. If you choose to record the presentation, you must also select a broadcast type.

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After you book the event, an event production manager will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the event details. To avoid delays, provide the event production manager with any pre-recorded content and event materials at least one business day before the event.

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