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About broadcasting

We offer multiple ways to broadcast no matter the scale of your event, the venue, or the location of your presenters. You can broadcast audio only or audio and video.

Broadcast audio only

Want to broadcast audio only? Broadcast the event audio with a telephone connection. Up to 20 presenters can stream their audio from a telephone or VoIP connection. Learn more »

Broadcast audio and video

  • Webcam - Do you plan to use only one webcam to record all presenters? Broadcast the event video with a single webcam. Learn more »
  • Video bridge - Do you have many people presenting from different locations with different media sources? Use a video bridge connection to give up to 20 presenters the option to broadcast from either a webcam, video conferencing system, Skype for Business, or telephone audio. Learn more »
  • Video conferencing unit - Are you recording the event from a conference room? Broadcast the event video with your own video conferencing unit. Learn more »
  • On-site encoder - Are you using multiple webcams and microphones at your venue? Use your own encoder and broadcast them as a single video stream. Learn more »
  • Global fiber network - Hosting a large event in an arena, theater, or conference center? Broadcast the event video with a global fiber network connection. Learn more »
  • Satellite - Is your venue outdoors or in an area with limited connectivity? Broadcast the event video with a satellite connection. Learn more »
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