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Overview of the booking process

Booking a conference is easy, and once your conference is booked, you’ll receive an email containing dates, times, dial-in phone numbers, codes, and any web login information within 24 hours. Before you book, it's a good idea to plan what kind of conference you want and review our tips to make booking even smoother.

For an audio-only conference, you should book at least 24 hours in advance of your start time. If you plan to include web conferencing, book at least 15 days in advance of your start time.

To book an audio conference online:

  • Sign in to the Events Portal.
  • Tell us who you are.
  • Tell us about your conference.
  • Tell us about your speakers and attendees.
  • Tell us what features you want added.
  • Tell us about your visuals (optional).
  • Submit your reservation for review.

Walk through the steps to book a conference:

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