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Plan your conference before booking

Before you book your conference, have this basic information ready:

  • Your login. This automatically links the conference to your name and company.
  • Schedule. This is the date and time of your conference and how long the conference will last.
  • Participants. The number of lines you will need for participants for the conference.
  • Speakers. These are the participants who will speak during the conference. You also need to specify which speaker goes first so the operator knows. 

To make booking your conference easier, consider whether you will need the following extra features:

  • Dedicated communications line. Add this to your conference to have a dedicated line between you and the operator. Details and costs »
  • Extra pre-conference time. Add additional time (past the included 15 minutes) to coordinate prior to your conference start time. Details and costs »
  • Web presentation. Add a webinar or other web presentation product to provide visuals for your conference. Details and costs »

    Note: If you plan on using a webinar with your conference, you need to schedule the webinar first and obtain the webinar ID.

  • PowerPoint presentation. Add a PowerPoint slide deck to your conference.
  • Presentation assistance. Add dedicated assistance with setting up or managing the web presentation. Details and costs »
  • Translations. Add Event Conference Specialists that speak additional languages to translate during the conference. Details and costs »
  • Recording. Receive a WAV or MP3 recording of your conference or set up a communication line for participants to call in and listen to the recording. Details and costs »
  • Transcription. Receive a written copy of the audio after your conference. Details and costs »
  • Reporting. Receive attendee reports, poll results, and conference replay reports after your conference. Details and costs »
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