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Send invitations

After you book your conference, send invitations to your speakers and participants. In the Events Portal, you can download a calendar file that includes all of your conference invitation information. The calendar file is compatible with most calendar applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar. 

To download and send invitations:

  1. Sign in to the Events Portal.
  2. Click View Now under Upcoming Events.
  3. Search for your conference, select the conference ID, and then select Download Calendar Reminder
  4. Select the type of reminder you want to download:
    • Moderator - includes the time of the pre-conference, the dial-in numbers, the conference ID, and passcodes for speakers.
    • Participant - includes the dial-in numbers, the conference ID, and passcodes for participants.
  5. Click the Download button to save the calendar file.
  6. After downloading, open the file to create a new event in your calendar application and send invitations, or email the file to the speakers or participants.

You can also copy the Presenter Information Only or Participant Access Information section from your confirmation email and paste it into a new email to send to your speakers or participants. Copy any logins for Conference Controls or web registrations for your speakers from the Enhanced Services section of your confirmation. If you are including your own web conferencing with your conference, include the web information and URL.

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