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Tips for booking a conference

For a successful conference, follow these tips.

  • Verify that you have updated your language and time zone to make sure you have the correct defaults when booking and searching for conferences.
  • Schedule the conference at least three weeks in advance to allow attendees and speakers to fit it into their calendars.
  • Before you confirm a date and time, check with your speakers to see if they are available.
  • Try not to schedule a conference that starts or ends within one hour of another event to allow for possible delays and to avoid overlapping events.
  • Look professional. Pay close attention to spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in all your materials promoting the conference.
  • For invitation-only conferences, have contact lists ready and in the correct format (CSV) before you start. Spell your attendees’ names correctly!
  • If you plan on having the conference dial out to connect attendees, prepare your dial-out contact list, as well. Preparing your dial-out list as a CSV file makes it faster to enter when you book your conference.
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