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Pre-conference consultation

Included with all conferences (no additional charge). 15 or 30 minutes included. Additional fees for: longer consultations billed in 15-minute increments.

The conference is open to speakers a minimum of 15 minutes (or 30 depending on the type of conference) before the start time for you and your speakers to discuss, plan, coordinate, or ask the operator any questions. The operator joins this pre-conference to assist with preparations.

Booking information

A pre-conference consultation is automatically added when you book a conference using the Events Portal. By default, 15 minutes are included for audio conferences, and 30 minutes are included for web events. You can remove your included pre-conference time, but this is not recommended. You can also update an existing reservation and add it later.

On the Audio Event Details page under Enhanced Services, select Pre-Conference and then enter how much time you would like, in minutes.

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