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Verification participant list

Add-on for greeted entry conferences. Requires a communication line. Charges include: verification charge. 

Participant validation is an additional layer of security for greeted entry conferences that lets you restrict who can enter your conference. When attendees dial in to a greeted entry conference, an operator greets them and directs them to the correct conference. As part of this process, the operator can verify that the caller is on an approved list before sending them on. 

The approved attendee list can include up to 500 names.

Booking information

This option is available when booking a new event. You cannot add it later in the Events Portal.

On the Audio Event Details page under Enhanced Services, select Communications Line and then:

  • Enter a contact name for the line and their location. This can be you or one of your speakers.
  • Enter when to open the line and how long to keep it open
  • Select Verification of Participants as the purpose

Then, select Participant List and:

  • Select any additional pieces of information to collect, such as Company, Region, Title, etc.
  • Enter the email addresses where we should send the participant information
  • Select Verification of Participants

After booking your conference, upload your participant verification list in the Events Portal.

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