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About Slide Assist


Slide Assist allows you to share a slide deck or have an online component to share visuals without downloading software. Slide Assist helps you easily share a PowerPoint, not your desktop or an application. Slide Assist supports conferences up to 8 hours long and up to 1,000 participants. With Slide Assist, you can:

  • Display the speaker headshot to let participants know who is talking.
  • Promote participant engagement and feedback with live Q and A.
  • Collaborate with other speakers during the event with private chat.
  • Create an optional online recording for participants to access post-event.
  • Receive post-event reporting including attendee demographics, participation, and engagement.

Booking information

This feature is not included on the booking form. On the Submit page, request the feature in Special Instructions. Then, select Please click here... and someone will call you.

Note: After you submit your request, you can't update your reservation in the Events Portal to request a call. Contact Support for assistance.

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