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Answer a question during Slide Assist

Guest Presenters only.

Questions submitted display in the Manage Q&A section at the bottom of the Slide Assist window. Throughout the event, you can answer questions, prioritize questions to decide which ones you'll answer first, edit answers, and delete questions you won't answer. You can also assign questions to specific presenters or groups by creating additional tabs and assigning questions to them from the New Questions tab.

The Manage Q&A section refreshes automatically and questions are assigned numbers based on the order they were submitted. Click any of the columns to sort them. At the top right of the section are additional options. You can manually refresh the Manage Q&A section, open the section in a new window, add new questions to the queue, save the list of questions from the tab you're on as a CSV file, and print them.


Answer a question

Answer audience questions and make them display to the entire audience or to the attendee who asked the question only. You can edit your answer any time.

To answer a question:

  1. In the New Questions tab, find the question you want to answer and click Answer.


  2. In the Answer Question window, in the Answer box, enter your answer.


  3. Select whether the question was answered verbally and then choose who you want to send your answer to. Select:
    • Answer to this viewer only to make the question and answer display only to the attendee who asked the question
    • Answer to all viewers to make the question and answer display to the entire audience
  4. Click Submit.

    After you answer the question, the question and answer display to attendees and the question moves to the Answered tab. 

Edit an answer

You can correct or change the answer to an answered question any time.

To edit your answer:

  1. In the Answered tab, find the question you want to change the answer for and click Revoke.

    Note: When you revoke a question, the question and answer are no longer visible to the audience.


  2. In the Revoked tab, click Answer, edit the answer, and click Submit.

    The question and answer display to attendees and the question moves to the Answered tab.

Assign questions to a presenter

Make managing questions easier by assigning them to specific presenters. To assign questions to a presenter, you must first create a tab for them. You can create, edit, and delete tabs at any time.

To create a Q&A tab for a presenter:

  1. To the right of the Revoked tab, click +.
  2. In the Manage Tabs window, enter the presenter's name and click Create. Repeat this step for each presenter you want to assign questions to.


  3. Once finished, click Save Changes and close the Manage Tabs window.

    The new tabs display to the right of the New Questions tab. To edit the tab or remove it, click +.

To assign a question to a presenter:

  1. In the New Questions tab, find the question you want to assign and click Assign.
  2. In the Manage Tabs window, select a tab and then click Assign.


    The question moves to the presenter's tab. The presenter can answer, prioritize, and delete questions from their own tab. They can also assign the question to another presenter or move it back to the New Questions tab.


Delete a question

Remove duplicate questions or questions you don't want to answer. Deleted questions aren't visible to the audience

To remove a question from the queue:

In the New Questions tab, find the question you want remove and click Delete.

Deleted questions move to the Deleted tab. To place a question back into the queue, find the question you deleted and click Undelete.

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