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Get started with Slide Assist

Slide Assist makes it easier to present slides, share content, and interact with your audience during your operator-assisted conference. All presenters can upload materials, move slides, and answer questions.


  • Host up to 1000 participants in your Slide Assist event for up to 8 hours.
  • Use Slide Assist in a browser. No software download required.
  • View presenter and audience member attendance in real time.
  • Control the presentation with previous and next buttons.

Getting started 

  • Upload slide decks before the event. more »
  • Upload headshots of your presenters. more »
  • Include files for your participants to download during the event. more »
  • View how many participants registered for the event. more »

Interact in real time

  • Chat privately with other moderators or speakers in the Presenter Chat. more »
  • Answer participant questions verbally or through chat as they come in. more »
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