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Upload event resources

Guest Presenters only.

Upload downloadable resources such as slides, PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, or an MP3 recording of the event audio to share with your audience during your event.

Note: Files must be less than 500MB in size.

To upload event resources:

  1. Click the Guest Presenter Link in your confirmation email to go to the Slide Assist login page.
  2. Enter your email address, first and last name, and the PIN provided in your confirmation email, and then click the Log In Now button.
  3. Select the Edit Event Content button on the Guest Administrator Access page.
  4. Click Add Event Resources to expand the section.
  5. Click Choose File to select the file from your computer you would like to share, and enter a title that your audience will understand.

    Note: Check Make Shareable to share a link to the file outside of the event. Check Enable MP3 Download to allow the audience to download an MP3 file of your On-Demand audio presentation.

  6. Click Upload to begin processing the file. 
  7. Click Save and Continue to return to the Guest Administrator Access page. 
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