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Tips for pre-recording your conference

Pre-recording let you record your conference or portions of it ahead of time and then play it back to attendees at the scheduled conference time. During your pre-recording session, you and other speakers will work with an operator or event production manager to create the recording.

For a successful recording, follow these tips.

Before you record

  • Move to a quiet area and close the door.
  • Use a landline connection instead of a mobile device. For the best sound quality, avoid speakerphone and instead use the handset or a headset.
  • Silence noisy digital devices: set your smartphone to silent, turn off the ringer on additional phone lines, and disable audible alerts on your tablet.

While recording

  • Keep water or something to drink nearby to keep your voice fresh. Any pauses to take a sip can be edited out.
  • Pretend you are delivering your presentation to a live audience.
  • Use neutral salutations if the recording is intended for a global audience.
  • Use general greetings ("Hello" or "Welcome") rather than time of day greetings ("Good morning") if the conference is scheduled for a different time of day than your pre-recording session.
  • To minimize noise, slide papers to the side rather than flipping pages.
  • Close your presentation clearly or hand it back to the operator for Q&A (if you are taking questions live after the playback).
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