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Event production management

For web events. Add-on. Charges include: assistance is billed in 15-minute increments. Additional fees for: requests submitted less than 15 business days prior to the conference.

An event production manager is available to assist when you are using a web conference, webinar, or webcast with your conference. They can assist with a variety of web products, such as Slide Assist, GlobalMeet Webcast, Cisco WebEx, and Adobe Connect. Common services provided include (but are not limited to):

  • Booking
  • Tool setup and loading files
  • Rehearsals
  • Sending invite emails
  • In-conference support for web products

Booking information

This option can be booked online using the Events Portal. You cannot add it after you submit your request.

On the Conference page, for Web Event Type select GlobalMeet Webcast. Then, on Web Event Details, select the type of Event Production Support to add:

  • Standard Assist - An event production manager will monitor and assist for the requested amount of time. This includes performing presenter audio checks, reviewing presenter controls, giving best practices, and responding to technical questions submitted by participants.
  • Full Event Moderation - The event production manager will serve as the emcee for the entire duration of the event. This includes all Standard Assist support, plus delivering the opening script and closing scripts and facilitating the Q&A via chat. 

Both Standard Assist and Full Event Moderation include a 30 minute pre-conference.

You can also select 60-minute training sessions facilitated by an event production manager.

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Once your conference is booked, the event production team will reach out to you within 1 business day to confirm details. You must provide login information for your web product for the event production manager to assist during your conference. You must also provide any files or slides to be uploaded.

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