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Answer a question during Slide Assist

Guest Presenters only.

All Guest Presenters can answer and delete questions during the event in the Manage Q&A section at the bottom of the Slide Assist window. 


To answer a question:

  1. In the Manage Q&A section in the New Questions tab, choose a question you want to answer and click the Answer button. The Answer window displays.
  2. Type your answer in the Answer box.
  3. Choose how you would like to answer the question. Select:
    • Answered verbally if the question was answered in the conference via audio
    • Answer to this viewer only to make the question and answer visible to only the questioner 
    • Answer to all viewers to make the question and answer visible to all participants
  4.  Click the Submit button. The question is moved to the Answered tab.

To edit your answer:

  1. Click the Answered tab and then click the Revoke button.  
  2. Click the Revoked tab, and then click the Answer button to answer the question again. 

Note: Participants cannot see revoked questions.You must be answer or reinstate a revoked question to  make it visible to participants.

To remove a question from the queue:

In the New Questions tab, choose a question you want remove and click the Delete button. Deleted questions are moved to the Deleted tab.

To undelete a question, click on the Deleted tab and then click Undelete.

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