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Update your reservation

If you need to change details about your reservation prior to your conference, you can edit the conference using the Events Portal. 

To update your reservation:

  1. Sign in to the Events Portal.
  2. On the home page, under Upcoming Events, click View Now.
  3. Find your conference, click the conference ID, and then select Edit Event.

You can change the conference title, time zone, starting date and time, duration, which participants the conference dials out to, and add or remove additional services. If you change details about your reservation, your pricing may change depending on what features you add or remove from the conference.

You cannot change the language used by the operator, the method of entry for attendees, or the current number of lines allowed in your conference after booking a conference. Contact Support if you need to edit any of these or if you want to add more services not listed here.

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