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GlobalMeet Support

EY OneConference - (GMSS)

General Information

Account Information


Enterprise Name/ID EY_SAIAPAC 4313
EY_SAIIndia 4316
Company ID Various
Company Information
Wallet Cards No
PGi Branded Yes
Hub Access  No
Key Contacts
PGi Sales Reps
  • Tushar Joshi
  • Claire Quigley
  • Sharon Warner
  • Kelly Kamm

Nozomi Saito

Mark Brackenbury


Mark Brackenbury

Company Contacts
  • Ally Ward: +44 7917410922
  • John Colasurdo: 1-201-872-1405
  • Per Dandanell: +4535872906


  • Martin Versteeg
  • Jan Willem Jansen
  • Per Dandanell
  • John Colasurdo
  • David A. Smith
  • Ken Cheung
  • Craig Brandofino
  • Jonathan Danowitz
  • Gerald Clark
  • Jijo Jose
  • Ratheesh Udayabhanu
  • Deepu Gp
  • Rejith Mohan
PGi Emails  
EY Dedicated Numbers

719-219-0452 Option 1, then Option 2

877-246-9580 Option 1, then Option 2 (NA Toll Free)

Complete EY Support Number list

Escalation Process 

Please follow escalation process in the GMSS - Escalation Guidelines article. 

Technical Support

719-219-0452 Option 1, then Option 1

877-246-9580 Option 1, then Option 1 (NA Toll Free)

Complete EY Support Number list

Billing and Rates
General Support email (place EY in the subject line) and cc Sharon Warner

New Account Set Up

Moderator Set-Up


General Information

  • EY Refer to GlobalMeet Audio for Skype Server as OneConference

  • Do NOT set up new moderators under these enterprises.

  • No manual provisioning of EY ONE Conference (GMSS) accounts.

  • You may direct queries back to
  • Tel: +1 201 872 2282
  • This can include questions about screen share, meeting invites, phone numbers displayed on invites, etc.


Unattended Audio

General Support
Services allowed None. New conferences should never be set up for any company under these enterprises. 

Support Information

  • Reservations should transfer requests for support to T1 for escalation.
  • Reservations to process Transcripts and Audio Files when requested.
  • For Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, if EY provides us with an Internal ticket number when reporting an issue, we must include this number in the Subject Line of our email communication. Add URL where possible. 
  • Ticket should also reference the EY ticket number in Customer Ticket Number in Related Records tab.
Tier 1 Support
*0 Agent Dial-out allowed Yes
Confirmation Emails We are not permitted to resend Confirmation Emails to EY One Conference clients. Please refer these contacts to the EY help desk for assistance.
Skype for Business Application (One Conference)

DocuTools-note.jpg Note:  EY Refer to GlobalMeet Audio for Skype Server as OneConference

Inquiries unrelated to audio or SAI integration should be redirected back to the EY help desk for resolution.

You may direct queries back to

  • Tel: +1 201 872 2282

This can include questions about screen share, meeting invites, phone numbers displayed on invites, etc.

Provisioning/Account Maintenance

Manual de-provisioning is possible:

  • Regional Service Manager needs to approve these requests to ensure the request has come through EY authorized sources.

No name changes, account information or feature changes should be processed manually:

  • Requests should be referred back to the EY Help Desk.
Host Suffix
  • Should be a minimum four (4) digit suffix that must be entered after the passcode for the meeting,  if the host joins via phone (PSTN). 
  • Requests to change the Host Suffix or resend Host Suffix details should be referred to the EY Help Desk.
Skype Enterprise Voice (EV ) and "Call Me At" Inquiries related to Skype Enterprise Voice (EV) or the Call Me At feature should be redirected back to the EY help desk for assistance.



*0 Assistance:

Standard *0 troubleshooting Call Handling process is to be followed.

DocuTools-reference.png Reference: *0 Call Handling

DocuTools-note.jpg Note: Not all DTMF tones work with the integration. Participants connected via Skype VOIP cannot use DTMF tones.

Troubleshooting Invalid Passcodes:

EY is experiencing an issue where there is a problem with how some users are set up in their Active Directory, and this is impacting their ability to set up public meetings through Skype. 

These users will report an invalid passcode message when using the passcode generated in their invitation, and we will not see that conference in Tesla.  However, this issue is on the EY side, and we will not be able to resolve when the problem is with their Active Directory. 

While this issue is ongoing, follow this process for reports of invalid passcodes from EY OneConference users:

  1. If an EY client reports an invalid passcode message on their OneConference account, first validate whether or not the participant passcode (labeled Conference ID in Skype) is in Tesla.  If it is, you can proceed with exploring standard end user error or connectivity issues.
  2. If the conference is not in Tesla, ask the client if they scheduled it as public or private.  Information on this distinction can be found here:
  3. If the client scheduled the meeting as public, inform the client that this may be a problem with their account and refer them to the EY helpdesk for further assistance.  Also, advise the client that they should still be able to schedule a private meeting that will function correctly and walk them through this process.
  4. If the client scheduled the meeting as private, proceed with our normal troubleshooting process:

Supported DTMF Tones:


These following DTMF tones are supported for EY GlobalMeet - Audio Skype Server:

  • *0 to reach PGi support.
  • *1 to hear the help menu.
  • *4 to increase speaker volume.
  • *5 to increase microphone volume.
  • *6 to toggle their mute state.
  • *7 to decrease speaker volume.
  • *8 to decrease microphone volume.
  • *96 to mute all attendees.
  • *97 to un-mute all attendees.

Escalation Procedure:


For issues reported with GlobalMeet - Audio Skype Server conferences follow:

DocuTools-reference.png Reference: Supporting Article – EY GlobalMeet - Audio Skype Server Escalation Guidelines

Recording Via *22:  Disabled - The ability to record on EY SAI (OneConference) conferences using *22 has been disabled. Clients can no longer use this recording feature.

Instructions for Creating a One Click Host Dial In Link

The below document was communicated to EY SAI users:

Instructions for Creating a One Click Host Dial In Link.docx

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