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Passdown Wrap Up Process

This article and process is only to be used by Outside Help that is comfortable with wrapping up Passdowns they're assigned to. 
Item Description
Call Manager
  • Log in as WrapUp in the Sign In Tab
  • Click on Details button
    • A Pop-up window will appear. Select OK.
Call Info Tab
  • Enter Actual Start Time. (If Lead op didn’t enter this before passing down please contact the Lead or the Passdown manager)
  • Enter Actual End Time.
  • Enter Record time (This should always match the Start time)
  • (If Op didn’t fill in before Passing Down) Enter the number of Conference Participants, including the Moderator, Speakers and Commline(s), that joined the call in # Parts.
    • Any lines in <> don’t need to be added to the part count
    •  Example <DIGREC.123456>

DocuTools-note.jpg Note:  If this section is left blank, a pop-up reminder will appear stating You must set the number of parts on the call, as accurately as possible. Billing uses this information.

Mods/Speakers Tab

DocuTools-warning.png Warning: Verify this info is filled out. If missing you can find the speakers name on the bridge in the Pre-Conference, also notify the Passdown Manager).

Full Name of Actual Moderators (including salutation)

  • Enter the Moderator’s full name or specify if the call was a Feedline.

Speaker/Coordinator/Q&A Panelist’s Full Name (including salutation)

  • Enter the full name of any other Speakers, Panelists or Coordinators.

DocuTools-note.jpg Note:  Use standard capitalization when entering names.  Do not enter in all caps. 

Services Tab

Post Conference

  • Select when a Post-Conference was not scheduled but was added during the Pre-Conference. 
  • Enter duration of minutes of the Post-Conference. 
  • Pop up box will appear
    • Select Series
    • NA in Name of client Requesting change field
    • NA in Phone# of client Requesting change field
    • NA in Requested Change or Important info Box
      • Send Email
Notes Tab
  • Ensure Lead op has filled out details of the call (If missing reach out to Passdown Manager)
  • If lead op hasn’t noted Passdown please add the following at the Bottom of the Summary section of Notes
    • Passdown to “Your Name” 10 min after start

Erasing Passdown Conference off the Bridge(s)

  • Disconnect all lines
  • Remove your audio path from the call to be erased and place in the Straybell conference
  • Highlight the Conferences to be erased
  • Right Click
  • Click Erase
  • Click Yes, AFTER confirming correct confirmation code

DocuTools-note.jpg Note: If call is linked, all conferences need to be erased to wrap up in Call Manager.

Finish Wrap Up in Call Manager
  • Wrapup Complete
  • Confirmation Pop up box will appear
    • Check both boxes
    • Done

DocuTools-note.jpg Note: If you get a Clerical Mapping Pop up Box, Contact the Passdown Manager for assistance. Call can’t be wrapped until the mapping is completed

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