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How to process VIP calls from Lumen regarding ReadyTalk Web escalations - Parent


Lumen (previously CentuaryLink, previously Level 3, previously Global Crossing) resells the ReadyTalk product as Lumen Web Meeting.

This article describes how to assist a Lumen Meeting VIP Support call that comes from a Lumen associate when they call to report an issue with Lumen Web Meeting (ReadyTalk Web). They will typically reach us via email but were given a specific support number for Emergency Use only. 

When to do it

Use this article when receiving a call from Lumen support where the Reporting Entity is Lumen / ReadyTalk escalation. 

Information you need To identify a ReadyTalk Webcast VIP Support call, refer to the Reporting Entity field in the Call Information section in the call log.


Follow the steps in the table below when a call is received on the Lumen / ReadyTalk Escalation line:

Step Action


  1. Confirm with the client that it is an urgent issue with Lumen Web meeting by asking the following questions:
  • Is this impacting the full platform or just one user?
  • Could this be resolved in normal business hours?

Warning: Full platform and/or immediate meeting failures would be considered urgent, and this VIP process should be followed. If not urgent, please follow the standard ReadyTalk escalation process. Those not trained in ReadyTalk support should use the ReadyTalk call identification and escalation process.

  1. Gather the following information:
  • RA Master ID.
  • Lumen support rep name.
  • Lumen support rep call back number (in case of disconnection).
  • Basic summary of the issue.


Escalate the call by contacting the numbers in the order below:

  1. Tatiana Nicks 720-513-3577
  2. Ben Oram 719-394-9558

Note. When dialing the engineer on call number, agents should let it ring for 20 seconds before moving on to the next number in the list.

DocuTools-reminder.png Reminder: Conduct a warm transfer, by providing an overview of the issue prior to conferencing in a client.


IF... THEN...

if there is no response

attempt the call escalation path in the same order again.

  1. Tatiana Nicks 720-513-3577
  2. Ben Oram 719-394-9558
if still no response

email with the following information:

  • Subject line: URGENT
  • Body of email: Include a basic summary and contact information in the message
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