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Set up your voicemail

To set up your voicemail:

  1. On your phone, select Messages.

    It might be a button, an option on the touch screen, or a soft key next to the LCD screen.

  2. If prompted for your voicemail box, enter your extension, and then press #.
  3. Follow the voice prompts to set up your voicemail password:
    • Enter your new password (minimum of 4 digits) on the number keypad and press #.
    • Enter the new password again to confirm it, and then press #.
  4. Follow the prompts to record your new greeting:
    • At the tone, say your new greeting. Press any key when done or just stop talking.
    • Press 1 to save the recording, press 2 to listen to the recording, press 3 to re-record your greeting.
  5. Once saved, you receive a confirmation that your voicemail box is set up.


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