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Supported devices

The phone service supports the following SIP phones and devices. Firmware is managed automatically once the device is added to the Phone Portal.

Note: You can also place and receive calls from your Mac or Windows computer, using the GlobalMeet desktop apps. Get the apps ».

Admins: To add a new device to your company or a user, contact Support

Desk phones


  • VVX 301 (6 lines)
  • VVX 311 (6 lines)
  • VVX 601 (16 lines)

Cordless phones and accessories

  • W60P DECT (W60B base station and W56H handset)
  • W60B base station - can support up to 8 handsets
  • W56H handset
  • DECT repeater RT30 - extends the range of the W60P base station by up to 50m (indoors)

Conference phones and accessories

  • CP920
  • CP960

ATA analog converters

Polycom Obihai

  • OBI 302
  • OBI 504


Expansion module (sidecar) for T46S

Each T46S desk phone can support up to 6 expansion modules; can power 2 expansion modules.

  • EXP40 - provides 40 additional softkeys
  • PS5V1200US - external power supply required for additional modules

Wi-Fi adapter

WF40 Wi-Fi USB dongle 

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