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California customers - service during wildfires and declared emergencies

Your business phone service is cloud-based, so you can leverage an Internet connection to keep your business running even when there is a declared emergency.

With the GlobalMeet desktop apps, you can access your phone service from your Mac or Windows computer. You can use the desktop app to place calls, answer incoming calls, view recent and missed call logs, call someone back, and check your voicemail. Your caller ID number is the same as when you dial out from your desk phone. 

First things first - make sure you are in a safe location! Then, read on to learn how to use the desktop app for calling while you're away from your regular location.

Get started

  • Install the desktop app - go to our Downloads page to install the desktop app on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Sign in to the app using the email address and password associated with your account. If you don't know which email address to use, contact your phone administrator. 
  • If you don't know or remember your password, click Forgot password? to reset it.
  • Click the Calls tab to open the dialpad for calling and to view recent and missed call logs, call someone back, and check your voicemail.

Update your emergency address

It's extremely important that your phone number is mapped to your physical address before you make an emergency call. If you're not sure, use your mobile phone.

  • Check your emergency address - on the desktop app, dial 933more »
  • Contact Support to update your emergency address. Call +1 530-636-7027 or send email to


  • Check voicemail - you can check messages from the desktop app. more »
  • Call in to voicemail from another phone - call your phone number and then press * during your voicemail greeting.
  • Update your voicemail greeting. more »
  • Voicemail quick reference. more »


  • Call someone - You can place calls inside and outside your company. more »
  • Search your company directory for a number to call. more »
  • Answer a call - when someone calls you, the app rings and displays incoming caller information on your screen. more » 
  • Transfer a call - while on a call you can transfer it to someone else. more »
  • Forward your calls to another phone number. more »

We're here to help during this emergency

To serve our California customers, we set up a dedicated phone number and email address for support. Call +1 530-636-7027 or send email to

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