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Place an emergency call

If you need emergency services (medical/ambulance, law enforcement, and fire and rescue), you can call directly from your desk phone or conference phone, using the emergency numbers for your country or region.

Unless you are at your regular location (next to your desk phone), do not place an emergency call from the desktop app.

When you dial emergency services, your call is connected to a local (US) or national (UK) emergency service center. Your phone number and address are provided to the dispatch service. Emergency services dispatchers use this information to locate you in the event of an emergency where you cannot speak.

With VoIP phones, a phone number doesn't guarantee accurate location information.

It's extremely important that your phone number is mapped to your physical address before you make an emergency call. If you're not sure, use your mobile phone.

To place an emergency call:

  • In the US - dial 911
  • In the UK - dial 999 or 112
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