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Call blocking

Call blocking (or call barring) prevents specific types of outbound calls on a device. If you try to place a call and it does not go through, your company has blocked calls to this type of number. 

Calls to emergency services cannot be blocked.

Rules called call restrictions control the types of outbound calls allowed from your phone system. When someone tries to call a restricted number, the caller hears the following message and the call is cancelled: "You are not authorized to call this type of number." Depending on the rules set for your company, calls to the following categories of numbers may be blocked.

  • US toll-free
  • US toll
  • US DID (covers both US toll and toll-free calls)
  • Caribbean
  • International

Phone admins can set outbound call restrictions for the company and for individual devices. For example, you could block international calls from all your registered phones. Or, you could restrict calling on phones located in common areas (like lobby phones) to only allow local extensions or emergency services.

Admins: To enable or manage this feature for your company or individual users, contact Support.

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