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Call forwarding

Call forwarding lets you redirect incoming calls to another number, such as your mobile phone or an extension, so you will not miss any calls. To properly set up call forwarding, dial the call forwarding star command (*72) using your company phone. When you set up call forwarding, it is set to always forward incoming calls to another number (Always). Your company admin can set up call forwarding to occur when your phone is not reachable (Failover Mode), such as when it is offline or otherwise unavailable, as well as additional call forwarding options, such as caller ID, via the Phone Portal.

When call forwarding is enabled, your company phone does not ring. Instead, the incoming call is immediately directed to the phone number you specified.

Note: Always and Failover Mode forwarding can also be used for Disaster Recovery.

Admins: To enable or manage this feature for your company or individual users, contact Support.

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