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Voicemail to email

When voicemail to email is enabled, you receive a copy of the voicemail message as an audio file (MP3 or WAV) and message details directly to your email address. This allows you to listen to your voicemail messages from your mobile phone, tablet, or a computer. You can save the message by downloading the file or forward the email to another person.

When you listen to a message from your email, the "message waiting" indicators are not dismissed from your phone. Likewise, deleting the email that contains the voicemail attachment doesn't delete the message from your voicemail box. If needed, your company administrator can set up your account to automatically delete voicemails from your voicemail box after emailing you the message so that you never have to worry about a full box.

Emails are sent from so you need to whitelist this email to avoid missing your voicemails.

Admins: To enable or manage this feature for your company or individual users, contact Support.

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