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Bring your existing phone numbers

You can keep your existing phone numbers and use them with your business phone account. This process - often referred to as phone number porting - can be used for existing wireline, IP and wireless providers.

Moving phone numbers typically takes from three to five business days, but may vary depending on the approval process. Once ported over, your transferred phone numbers are available as "spare numbers" and ready to be assigned to users and devices.

Important: Do not cancel your current service until you have received notification from us that your port has been completed. If you do, you might lose your phone numbers.

 To bring over your existing phone number(s), we'll need the following information from you:

  • The carrier name, account name on the bill, account number, and billing address.
  • Depending on the carrier, other information like your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and/also a Billing Telephone Number (BTN) to identify accounts.
  • The phone numbers you want to port.
  • A copy of the bill from within the last 30 days as proof that these are your numbers.

With this information, we'll generate a Letter of Authorization (LoA) for you to sign, authorizing us to transfer the numbers.

Contact Support for assistance.

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