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Supported devices

The phone service supports the following SIP phones and devices. Firmware is managed automatically once the device is added to the Phone Portal.

Note: You can place and receive calls from your Mac or Windows computer, using the GlobalMeet desktop apps. Get the apps ».

Admins: You can add a new device to your company or a user. 

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Category Model names Related accessories
Desk phones

VVX 301 (6 lines)

VVX 311 (6 lines)

VVX 601 (16 lines)

Conference phones SoundStation® IP 6000  
Voice adapters (ATA analog converters)

OBi302 (2 analog ports)

OBi504vs (4 analog ports)




Category Model names Related accessories
Desk phones

T42S (12 lines)

T46S (16 lines)

T54W (10 lines)

For T46S:

EXP40 expansion module (sidecar) - provides 40 additional softkeys. One T46S can support up to 6 expansion modules; can power 2 expansion modules.

PS5V1200US for EXP40 - external power supply required for connecting more than 2 sidecars

For T54W:

EXP50 expansion module (sidecar) - provides 60 additional softkeys. One T54W desk phone can support up to 3 expansion module

Cordless phones

W60P DECT (W60B base station and W56H handset)

W60B base station - can support up to 8 handsets

W56H handset

DECT repeater RT30 - extends the range of the W60P base station by up to 50m (indoors)
Conference phones



For CP960:

CPW90 wireless expansion microphones. Two mics with 360-degree voice pickup range up to 3m

YLPOE30 PoE adapter provides power and data connection via Ethernet cable. For networks where PoE isn't available.

Miscellaneous accessories   WF40 Wi-Fi USB dongle
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