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Unpack and set up your new phone

After receiving your new phone, it's time to set everything up so you can start making and receiving calls.

Check the box

Before you start assembling, open the box and check that you've received everything.

You should have:

  • Phone base and stand
  • Handset and cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide
  • (Optional) AC power adapter

Assemble your phone

Before powering up your phone, assemble it. Connect the:

  • Stand to the phone base
  • Handset to the phone
  • Ethernet cable to the phone base. For best results, use the cable provided in your box or by your IT team.
  • If you are using an AC adapter for power, plug it into the phone base, but not into the power outlet

Plug in your phone

After assembling your phone, plug the cables into the outlets.

Connect your Ethernet cable to the outlet, followed by the provided AC adapter, if needed. Your phone initializes and obtains an IP address from your network. Afterward, your phone starts its default configuration process automatically. It may restart several times during this process. The process is complete when your phone number shows on the screen.

If your phone is unable to obtain an IP, does not display your phone number, shows a message like "No Service" or displays a handset icon with a red X, contact your company administrator or IT team. These errors may be caused by your phone not properly registering with the manufacturer's site or your network not being set up correctly.

Use your phone

After your phone completes setup, check for a dial tone by picking up the handset or using the headset/speakerphone buttons. We recommend placing a test call from your phone to another phone, such as your mobile device, to confirm everything is working. Once your phone is up and running, you should set up your voicemail.

Your new phone number should be displayed on your phone's screen and your new company extension should be the last 4 digits of that number. Otherwise, contact your company administrator.

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